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The Dreamer's Scholarship Internship Program provides training and experience for post-secondary students interested in a wide variety of positions throughout The School Days Foundation and The Eric Thomas Family of Companies. Our interns have the amazing opportunity to work with and learn from a team of high performing professionals and executives that have made Eric Thomas and Associates one of the most influential and sought-after coaching and consulting firms in the world. 


The goals of the Internship Scholarship Program are to provide scholars with opportunities to:

  • Apply what they are learning in school to an engaging work environment.

  • Acquire professional experience through an internship and/or research opportunity.

  • Gain a rich understanding of their desired career field.

  • Connect their internship work to personal, intellectual, and professional goals.

  • Receive funds to help defray the cost of post-secondary studies.

College Friends


  • 2 Letters of Recommendation

  • Updated Resume

  • Proof of Post-secondary School Acceptance or Attendance

  • Most Recent Transcript or Grade Report (official or unofficial)

  • Thoughtful responses to the following questions:

    • How will you use your degree or certification to create change in the world?​

    • Describe student organizations, coursework, leadership experience, awards, skills, honors, degrees, certifications, or licenses that will help you with this internship.​

    • Describe your career goals and how this internship can help you reach those goals. Be specific about the type of experiences you want to gain through the internship and why you believe this internship can provide such an experience.

    • If you were given 1 million dollars to invest in your community, how would you use it? Why?


  • Only completed applications with all required documentation will be considered.

  • A completed application package does not guarantee acceptance into the Scholarship Internship Program

  • Applicants that meet our requirements will be required to interview with one or more of our administrative staff members.

  • If selected for this internship, you will be required to consent to a background check and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

  • After review of your application, some additional items, such as a writing sample, may be required. 

  • Scholarship funds are disbursed directly to the Intern's institution for the semester AFTER the internship experience. For example, Interns working during the summer will receive scholarship disbursements for the fall semester. Interns working during the fall semester will get scholarship disbursements in the spring semester. 

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