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Let the Journey of Creating Globally Aware Leaders Begin!

Our youth exposure program is a transformative opportunity for underserved students to explore the world beyond their horizons. Designed to break down barriers and expand perspectives, this program opens doors to a cross-cultural adventure that nurtures personal growth, academic enrichment, and global citizenship.

Through carefully curated travel experiences, students are empowered to step out of their comfort zones and engage with diverse cultures, traditions, and environments. Our program goes beyond tourism, offering immersive learning that sparks curiosity and ignites a passion for understanding the interconnectedness of our world. 

(Key Features: Cultural Immersion, Personal Development,  Global Connections, Inspiring Change) 

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Adjusting the Mental Health of our Youth is One of our Biggest Socializing Agents! 

Of late we have been racked by a pandemic that has changed our ability safely trust scholastic spaces. We’ve seen the mental health of our children decline because of their inability to interact with their friends or favorite teachers. It is paramount that we use a tailor made approach to to tackle these various mental health

phase students experience.  Triple Double Character Ed is an organization dedicated to introducing the youth (student athletes) to the importance of self awareness. Using proven tools, we aim to show how self awareness correlates with their learning styles and athletic mechanics. 


(Key Features: Unveiling Personal Insights, Synergy of Learning Styles, Mechanics of Excellence, Personal Empowerment,Inspiring Growth)

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