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Next Up Boss is a FREE youth entrepreneurship program sponsored by The School Days Foundation that equips youth ages 13-17 with the skills and resources needed to Build, Own, Scale, and Succeed  in their own businesses. We are committed to doing this important work particularly in underserved communities and populations with the purpose of revitalizing their economies and equipping youth and their parents with the tools needed to build and manage generational wealth.


Extreme Parents is dedicated to providing parents with tangible tools, support, programs, inspiration, and activities needed to build healthier and happier families and communities.

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Play your hand is a life course that introduces youth to the importance of self-awareness by mastering systems and protocols. The Play Your Hand Curriculum encourages critical thinking and the development of life skills. Positive outcomes are achieved with the help of licensed professionals and the research-based DISC Assessment. Drawing out each student’s individual strengths is a core focus of Play Your Hand and is essential in maximizing the potential of every participant.