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This year, the lives of two groups of students have been changed forever. Students who, before these trips, had never been on a plane, never been out of the state or the country, and never experienced a culture other than their own left the inner cities of the Midwest, went to San Diego, CA, and the SuperBowl and, The Emirate of Dubai. 

As kids, we grew up hearing, "If you can see it, you can achieve it." As adults, we understand that "see it"  translates to exposure, the building block of imagination and ingenuity and the precursor to greatness. These trips have created doctors, entrepreneurs, lawyers, businessmen and women, teachers, police officers, civic leaders, and captains of industry just like that.

In his 25+ years of experience in and outside the classroom, ET's seen firsthand the life changes positive exposure has on students in poorer school districts. The drive to succeed, the belief that anything's possible, and the passion for excellence that knowledge creates are evident in the paths those former students, and now adults have taken. That's the power of exposure and the cost of not having it. 

The School Days Foundation with Eric Thomas is committed to making the kinds of differences in students' lives that will impact their communities and the wider world for a lifetime, and we need your help!

The Superbowl and a trip outside of the country are annual events and not inexpensive to pull off. Thanks to our supporters, we've set the bar high, and we'll need your help to continue to make a difference. 

Helping anyone costs something. Whether it's your time, influence, or money, it's never free but always rewarding.

Changing the trajectory of a student's future is as simple as letting them experience excellence in action and making that encounter tangible. We're committed; can we count on your help?

However you want to break it down, Starbucks runs, Amazon purchases, streaming services, iTunes purchases; for what you spend with them, we're asking you to include SchoolDays as a recurring donation to help us make a difference.

For the countless students whose lives you're about to change, Thank you!

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